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Hello everyone,

I have created a custom entity that contains (Document Type, Document Name, and frequency reminder Choice (Yearly, Weekly, Quarterly, Monthly).

What I want to achieve is the below:

Let’s say I created a new record, I set the frequency reminder to Quarterly and the record status is active. After 3 months, the owner of this record should get a reminder about this record through email and if the user did not change the status of this record to Inactive he will always receive a notification every 3 months.

I thought about the below and you might have a better way to achieve this requirement:

  • Create a new read-only field on the form called “Next reminder Date” that will automatically calculate Today’s Date + the Frequency option set value selected (Quarterly, monthly, etc..).
  • Create a Power Automate cloud flow that triggers on daily basis and check in this table the next reminder date field. If there is/are any record that matches today’s date and active record(s)-> send the list of records to each user.
  • During the process, if the List records action returned data as result (meaning some records require reminder)-> the flow should check the frequency provided for the record and automatically the flow should update the new “Next reminder date”.
    What I mean by this condition is:
    Suppose the reminder frequency for one of the records retrieved is quarterly this means that the flow should do this calculation below:
    Example: The next reminder date is: 3/21/2022 and today is 3/21/2022 and the reminder frequency for that record is Quarterly which means the flow should do this calculation Today+3months = next reminder date (6/21/2022) etc.. so the flow should always calculate the next reminder date based on the frequency set for the record.

Do you think Azure Logic Apps are much better than power automate to build this scheduled workflow?
I would like to have your advice if the above logic and Power Automate are good to proceed with based on the above requirements.

Please let me know if you have any other methods. I am open to any suggestions.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Best regards,

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