How to Set timeout on the Client Side scripting

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Hi ,

i am using client side Scripting i am using information from the Quickview form , the mapping and loading of quickview form takes some time as it is dependent on server side C# Script 

so i want to wait my client side script until the quick view form is loaded .

please help me with how to halt the Competency check Function, where to integrate Set timeout before the loading of the executionContext .

var Sdk = window.Sdk || {};


    function() {


        this.CompetencyCheck = function(executionContext){

            var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();

            //Get Required Competency

            var quickViewControl = formContext.ui.quickForms.get(“IJP”);

            var RequiredCompetency = quickViewControl.getControl(“ijp_competency”);

            var RC = RequiredCompetency.getAttribute().getValue()

            //Get Users Competency

            var quickViewControl1 = formContext.ui.quickForms.get(“HRMS”);

            var ActualCompetency = quickViewControl1.getControl(“ijp_competency”);

            var AC = ActualCompetency.getAttribute().getValue()


            var val = parseInt(RC[1]) – parseInt(AC[1])

            if (!(val == 0 || val == 1)){

                formContext.ui.setFormNotification(“Competency Criteria Does not Match “,“ERROR”,“formnot” );









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