Improve web app performance in CRM 4.0

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so I’m usimg ancient CRM on even more ancient OS and recently noticed a weird performance issue. Here’s everything we know so far:

1.  Changed format of names from “First then Last” to “Last, First Middle”

2.  Manually updated all contacts by going one by one, deleting first name, saving, re-entering first name, then saving again. 
3.  Get a “Internet explorer cannot display the web page” error when opening contacts, accounts, or other records

what I’ve done to fix it:

1.  Open IIS manager

2.  Go to site properties > ASP.NET tab

3.  Edit settings

4.  Adjust time out from 300 to 2100. 

5.  Restart IIS

While this does indeed get that error message to go away, I wind up now with rather slow times for my accounts, contacts, or any other record. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to optimize performance?


OS: Windows Server 2003 R2 With SP2

SQL: SQL 2005 with SP4

CRM: CRM 4.0 enterprise with no updates

RAM: RNges 512 MB to 4 GB 

client access method: Terminal Server 2003 with IE 8.0 pointing to CRM1.WINX-CESD-US.local/icare

the terminal server has 4 GB of RAM

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