Concatenated column from Binary columns or some other way to do the same thing – without code

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I have a set of binary columns that indicate which services an account or contact uses.  There are six of them.  Most places I have the space to display the columns as is, with their full name as column heading and the Yes/No values.

Some places I’d like to show a list of abbreviated names for the services the account or contact consumes.  I can’t figure out a way to calculate a field to do that.  Concatenate doesn’t work, as even if it could be done for binary fields it would just show a list of Yes and No values.  Not useful.

I can’t find a way to nest IFs or to refer to the field so I could add the names of services consumed one by one.

Am I missing something?  

My kludgy solution is to have hidden fields for each service that are calculated to show either the service abbreviation if the entity uses it, and otherwise are blank.  I can then concatenate those with commas in between.

Our data set is small so extra small text fields are no big deal.

But is there a cleaner way with Dynamics?  Do workflows permit this type of calculation without the extra fields?


Jessica Weissman

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