Exporting record from Advanced Find: Static or Dynamics Worksheet?

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Dynamic Worksheet –

Export your app data to an Excel dynamic worksheet to get the most up-to-date information from your app. When you export your data to an Excel dynamic worksheet and then make changes to your data in the app, you can use the refresh feature in Excel to get the latest information from the app.

Static Worksheet –

When you want to present information about the data in your app to an individual who doesn’t have access to the app, or you have data that doesn’t change often, consider exporting the app data to an Excel static worksheet.

There are two types of static worksheets that you can export.

Static worksheet: Exports all the pages in the current view.

Static worksheet (Page only): Exports the data from the current page only.

A few things to note:

You may have the option to export data to an Excel static worksheet in all row types. However, in some cases the format might be old, or the data might not be filtered by what you see in the app.


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