Olimpia Zagnoli and Joshua Kissi on how to push your creativity further

Olimpia Zagnoli and Joshua Kissi on how to push your creativity further

In Episode 5, we talk to Joshua Kissi about taking the leap from photography into directing and moving image. The multi-talented creative discusses the joys of directing a Superbowl ad for Google Pixel 6, after just a couple of years’ experience in the world of directing. “All of this started when I realised that if my images were able to move, then I’d be able to impact more people,” he tells our editor-in-chief Matt Alagiah. Despite making it look easy and having a whole host of transferable skills, Joshua has felt intimidated at times. “There is a lot more pressure with all this expensive equipment and big crews,” he says. “In every single way, the stakes are higher.”

Mostly, though, he’s excited by the challenges and he’s enjoying flexing different creative muscles, working out the “dance between photography and motion”. With big ambitions to become an expert story-teller across both disciplines, the creative has loads of good advice for young photographers hoping to do the same. Among other wise tips, he urges us to “continue to chase the things that make you uncomfortable in the best ways”.

Accompanying our latest episodes, we also have two new additions to our collection of Nice Notes – voice notes sent to us from some of our favourite artists and designers around the world. To be transported to a glowing sunset in New York’s Hudson River Park or to a wonderful little people-watching spot in West London, tune in to the latest episodes of the It’s Nice That Podcast!

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