Find Missing Translations with the Laravel Translations Checker


The Laravel Translations Checker package finds missing translations in the languages you support. Using this package is as easy as running an artisan CLI to check translations across all languages:

1php artisan translations:check --excludedDirectories=vendor


3The language nl (resources/lang/nl) is missing the file ( passwords.php )

4Missing the translation with key: nl.passwords.reset

5Missing the translation with key: nl.passwords.sent

6Missing the translation with key: nl.passwords.throttled

7Missing the translation with key: nl.passwords.token

8Missing the translation with key: nl.passwords.user

This package supports looking for translations in both .php and .json translation files. Also, the readme has a nice example of checking for missing translations in a GitHub action:


2 runs-on: ubuntu-latest

3 steps:

4 - uses: actions/[email protected]

5 - name: Setup PHP

6 uses: shivammathur/[email protected]

7 with:

8 php-version: '8.0'

9 extensions: mbstring, intl

10 ini-values: post_max_size=256M, max_execution_time=180

11 coverage: xdebug

12 tools: php-cs-fixer, phpunit

13 - name: Install Dependencies

14 run: composer install -q --no-interaction --no-scripts

15 - name: Run translations check

16 run: php artisan translations:check --excludedDirectories=vendor

Here’s an example of the output after adding a new language (es) to a new Laravel application:

Translation checker example output

Using this tool, you can quickly make sure you define translations for everything! To get started with this package, check out the README on GitHub at laravel-translations-checker.

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