How to Embed a Power BI Dashboard in Dynamics 365

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How to Embed a Power BI Dashboard in Dynamics 365

The first step to embed a Power BI Dashboard within Dynamics 365 is to enable the functionality within your Dynamics 365 Environment. Notice that before completing this step, Power BI Dashboard is not an option when adding a new Dashboard in Dynamics:

We can adjust this setting in two locations at this time. The first is directly from within Dynamics in System Settings on the Reporting Tab:

The second option is to update this setting from the Power Platform Admin Center under Features within the Environment Settings:

Once Power BI Visualization Embedding is enabled for your environment, you will now see the option to add a Power BI Dashboard when you click ‘New’ in Dashboards:

Now you can select ‘Power BI Dashboard’ to create a new Dashboard. You’ll then select the Workspace when your Dashboard is located and the Dashboard you would like to embed:

Now you will see the new Dashboard located under ‘My Dashboards’:

If you plan to share the Dashboard with other Users in Dynamics 365, you must ensure that the Users have access to the Power BI Dashboard and any Reports used to create the Dashboard. This is done within Power BI itself:

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