CRM 2013 Import of emails with Unresolved Email Addresses

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Hi Guys

Not sure if anyone can help as don’t believe it is possible what I am trying to do but here goes.

I am using a 3rd party tool ‘Inaport’ to import data from a SQL database o CRM 2013 online.  My biggest challenge is importing emails into CRM, I have some very complex logic that looks at the source SQL database and creates a column for the To field and returns me the 32 digit GUID of the record e.g.

Subject                       From                      To                                                                   Description

Test Email                   GUID::user             GUID::contact; GUID::contact                        test email

Problem I have is that for some emails in the source system, they are not resolved o any Contacts, Accounts or Users in CRM and therefore when I try to import emails they obviously fail.  So my question that I am asking “Is there a way to import emails into CRM and set the To or From field from an unresolved record”.  I just want the same functionality as with tracking of emails in Outlook where when the record is unresolved, it still saves but just puts the email address in either to To or From field. 


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