Reporting fails no matter what I try in CRM 4.0

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The last few days have been just bonkers with my production CRM 4.0 environment and here’s why:

summary: out of the box reports fail

reports have always been sticky for me to get working right. It’s about a 5% chance they’ll work right. 

recently, I’ve decided to go all in on forms authentication for my internal users. It looks nice, the users can understand it better, and I can leave my laptop open with a little bit more confidence.  

to get this working, I had to uninstall CRM, delete the appropriate databases, and reinstall with a customer configuration file. After all that was said and done, installing Reporting Service‘s connector was an absolute nightmare. Since my SQL instance is a named instance called CRM40, The set up would refuse to detect it unless I’m modified this set up con fig XML file to say that the instance name was CRM 40 and not a default. Once that was up and running, I open up an account and attempt to run a report just for the laughter… And I get the dreaded the report cannot be displayed reporting error.  

i’ve fiddled with enabling anonymous access and integrated authentication on an off. Most times the CRM server reports an error from MSCRMRporting (id 19968) followed immediately by and ASP.NET 2.0 error 1309. 

The text of the reporting error 19968 indicates that 40 one unauthorized when attempting to run the report without anonymous access to the SSRS turned on and I asked manager, the other times that this error comes up with the opposite being true is that tsLogonFailure. 

and a new error emerges for reporting ID 19969 stating that soap exception error an error has occurred during report processing RS report processing aborted.

when looking at the SSRS logs, I get a no pointer exception error stating that object referenced is not set to an instance of an object. 

I have googled forwards, backwards, and upside down… And lost several hours of sleep over this. Does anyone happen to have any solutions that are sure fire way to ensure that reports run seemingly no matter what?


computer 1: WINX-MAGIX1 — DC, RRAS, DNS, DHCP, Certificate authority

computer 2: WINX-SQL1: SQL 2004

Computer 3: WINX-SSRS: Reporting services, CRM SRS Connector

computrr 4: CRM1: typical MSCRM 4.0

it is important to note that the SQL and SSRS computers have all been upgraded to SQL will service pack for. The CRM computer does not have any update roll-up supplied as unfortunately my croissoft took those away a lot of time ago and I have yet to find them.

this whole mess is about ready to make me pull my hair out. I’m definitely going bald over this.

if anyone has any solutions, please feel free to let me know.

PS, don’t even get me started about issues related to delegation and the duplicate CRM groups that showed up in AD

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