Step in to the world’s most emotive zoo with Charlotte Ager’s new book

Step in to the world’s most emotive zoo with Charlotte Ager’s new book

On where her inspiration can be drawn from, Charlotte turns to the everyday. Whilst Zoo may certainly feel whimsical and magical, it has its roots firmly in the grounds of reality. “A lot of my inspiration simply comes from drawing and observing everyday life,” Charlotte explains. “I used to feel kind of embarrassed by that fact, that I didn’t have these weird unique things to point to.” Now, Charlotte’s realised that the key to making accessible and reflective work is by having “the everyday as a pretty good starting point for that.” In these universal experiences of life, Charlotte finds the most relatable aspect and transmutes it in to a feeling. Stories are woven in to all of Charlotte’s illustrations, which make for a richly rewarding viewing experience. “I often think of how something small can be more important if it’s told in a thoughtful way,” she explains.

With Zoo now in print, we eagerly await Charlotte’s next move, as well as The Pound Project’s stream of beautiful releases. “I really like The Pound Project’s approach to working on books, having small volumes that are sold for a fiver, working out how many are sold before printing so none are wasted,” adds Charlotte. It’s a match made in heaven, and we think there’s certainly more to come.

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