Never got javascript Namespaces. Doesn’t seem to work

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Hi all,

So I’ve constantly read that namespacing is important in javascript web resources but it never seems to work for me. Everytime I try to namespace something it always says the javascript function doesn’t exist….

So for example if I want to trigger a function on javascript load, below is my sample web resource code:

let Sdk = Sdk || {}; //Create namespace

Sdk.testFunction = function name(executionContext) {

    let formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();
    // Get Record ID
    let recordId =;
    // console log record ID

So the function I then trigger on load is Sdk.testFunction

But when I reload the Dynamics form it throws a error that this function doesn’t exist.

Just confused. Do I need to wrap this in a IIFE?

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