10 Pieces of PHP Developer Advice in 2022: Advice #9: How Can You Be More Productive as PHP Developers by Using Good Time Management Method and Tools – 6 minutes – Lately in PHP Podcast Episode 90 Part 9

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Time is one of the most important values that you need to make good use during your life. We know that we all die some day. Therefore it is important that we make good use of our life time have as much pleasure as possible and avoiding any pains.

To make good use of your time, I suggest that you use a good time management tool or method. Personally, I use the Trello application. You may also use other tools like Google Agenda. You may as well use a paper notebook on which you can write notes using a pen or a pencil.

The actual tool or method that you use it is not important. What is important is that you note down all the tasks that you need to do, so you do not forget any important task doing all the work planning ahead, sorting priorities according to what is important for you.

This way you can progress every day doing better tasks that will help you to have a better life.

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