Gamification – Can’t add players or set up a game

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Gamification plays an important part for any organization. It unites employees and teams who work together with the right motivation towards achieving their goals. Thus it becomes important to add right user(s)/team(s) to the right game. And thus the process of configuring and designing games and adding respective user(s)/team(s) to them should be simple.

To provide an intuitive, interactive and modern app to the Dynamics 365 gamification enthusiasts who believe in healthy competition and the growth it brings to the business, while simplifying the configuring process for the admins we have developed our very own gamification app as Gamifics365.

Using our solution you can not only define different types of games, but can also categorize them to be played on individual level or team level. We have ensured hassle free process of designing and configuring of games. We will ship different leader boards with modern UI to enhance your monitoring experience. Also we will be shipping a dedicated canvas app to cater the users interested and invested in the idea of playing over their mobile devices.

For further details or queries feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]


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