SharePoint and Teams Integrations – any updates coming?

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Have been looking into the built in Teams- (Collaborate) and the SharePoint integrations and my findings are that these are quite “outdated”. Question is; if there are any updates coming for the the Microsoft 365 integrations built in D365CE?

SharePoint – the SharePoint integration is not supporting multiple sites where instead a folder structure on a site is created by D365. You then end up in “permission-hell” as well as you quickly hit item thresholds. Current recommended practices for SharePoint Online are flat structures, hubs etc. So it would be nice if this was supported by the integrated connector. This blog post is quite good and explains a custom solution.

Teams – the issue I have is that using the Collaborate button and then Create new Team does not set default option for the “ResrouceBehaviourOptions” property such as the “HiddenGroupInOutlook”. This results in teams created via D365 appears in Outlook and the default Teams behavior is that it should be hidden.

I can of course buy 3rd part products or develop a solution that handles it but the question is if the out-of-the-box integrations see any updates in the near future that are more aligned with the platforms and their practices?

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