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Forum Post: Change the Filter On option on Opportunity Associated View for Account form

Hello, apologies for not being clear. I understand how the workflow actually works, and I know how to set them up (I’ve done one very similar for a different entity). I haven’t even tried to run this one yet at all because the fields I want to update (e.g. Address 1: Street 1) are not available for me to populate in the “Update Record” section. There isn’t a problem with the workflow itself, but with the fields it is showing me in the “Update Record” step.

When I click to set the properties in the Update Record step, I am shown an old Form (not my current default form) which does not contain the fields I want to include in the workflow (e.g. Address 1: Street 1). I scroll down to the “Additional Fields” section, and they are not even listed there. I can’t begin the process you have outlined, because the field I want to update is not available to me.

To show you what I’ve done, here is the step I set up:

I am then shown this:

None of these fields are the fields I need (e.g. Address 1: Street 1). If I scroll down, I still can’t see the fields I need, not even in the Additional Fields section. They are just mysteriously missing. Is there any way to change the form which is shown? Or is there a reason those fields might not be available? They are published in my environment:

Thank you for your help so far!

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