How You Can Be the Winner of the PHP Innovation Award of the Year in 2022 – Lately in PHP Podcast Episode 91

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Episode 91 – PHP Innovation Award 2021 Video

What is the PHP Innovation Award

The PHP Innovation Award is an initiative organized by the PHP Classes site since 2004 with the main goal to encourage PHP developers to contribute with innovative packages.

You can learn more about this initiative by going to the PHP Innovation Award page.

Who is the Winner of the PHP Innovation Award of 2021

The winner of the PHP Innovation Award of the year of 2021 is Carlos Artur Curvelo da Matos from Portugal. We submitted 12 innovative PHP packages and earned 101 points. Congratulations to Carlos and other authors that shared many great innovative PHP components.

Carlos will get a special prize as the year trophy which will be a PHP elePHPant with a special ribbon stating that he was the winner of the year.

Collectively Egypt won the PHP Innovation Award of 2021 as a country with 13 innovative packages earning 123 points.

You can check the final rankings for the year and month by month looking at the PHP Innovation Award of the year 2021 years by going to this page.

What Are the Companies that Sponsor of PHP Innovation Award and the Prizes that They Offer

The PHP Innovation Award counted with the collaboration of several sponsor companies that provided prizes to the winners.

The updated list of sponsors and prizes can be found in the PHP Innovation Award page. The prizes picked by each author are mentioned in the page of the winning package.

If you have a company that provides products of interested to promote better your products, please contact us to learn more about how you can sponsor the PHP Innovation award. The participation of sponsor companies does not have a financial cost to be paid to the PHP Classes site.

Who Are the Winners and the Packages that Won the PHP Innovation Award in Each Month of 2021

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