Federico Paviani on how curiosity drives his graphic design practice

Federico Paviani on how curiosity drives his graphic design practice

A “curious teenager”, Federico Paviani found his way to graphic design through formative experiences with graffiti, tattoo art, and watching the craftsmanship of his mother as she tailored clothing. Born in Varese, in northern Italy, where he is currently based, it was here that he had his “first real introduction to learning how to speak with images”. Surrounded by creativity, he drew inspiration from various artistic pursuits, but eventually settled on graphic design as his own. These early years instilled in him a drive for exploration and discovery that still forms a crucial part of his practice today.

“I’m still a curious person, with interests in many areas of art and design,” says Federico. “I find myself working on multiple projects and ideas at the same time and this has really become a part of my process – switching from one project to another helps me refine and reflect on my design decisions.” The projects themselves are as wide-ranging as his interests and include visual identities, typefaces and custom lettering. It’s not the medium, however, that matters most to Federico – it’s the concept: “I’m mainly interested in the idea or story behind the project, rather than the final medium it turns into. My goal is always to be able to clearly translate ideas into concrete solutions.”

His recent projects include an identity for Zurich-based streetwear brand Sports Club, that Federico carried out whilst living in the city a few years ago. At the time, he was working for Vetements, which meant that the collaboration “started quite naturally” – with both of them being luxury fashion brands. Sports Club needed a new logo and came to Federico for ideas; he in turn drew inspiration from a baroque typeface drawn in 1761 to create a wordmark with both a “clear, classic” feeling and a bold look. “The logo launched in 2020 and now you can find it across lots of different pieces in their collection, in loads of colours, and applied using many different techniques” he says.

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