Does anyone have the updates for Dynamics CRM 4.0?

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*** Update on 2022.03.29 @ 20:07PST ***

Well… Absolute dumb luck. By getting the list of updates and hot fixes which is still a page available on Microsoft website (Link below), just type in to google “download KBXXXXXXX” (where “XXXXXXX” is replaced with the numbers after KB) that will usually produce a Microsoft search results page. Locate the file by KB number on that page, right click and copy the link URL. Head over to, and in the way back machine box paste the URL you copied. A Calendar will show up, locate a capture that has a blue dot on the calendar. And Wala that’s the first 14 roll ups down loaded. Updates 15 through 21 world little bit more complicated as Microsoft New and improved download interface gets in the way. If you don’t have your browser set to ask you where to save files, you wind up downloading the same file usually the client update over and over again. However, on that thanks for downloading page there’s a link that says click here to download it manually, this will pop up a list of all the files in that update and then you click the one you want… Rinse, repeat until all the files are downloaded. I’m in the process of saving down all the 32-bit version of the update roll ups, then I’ll post that to the Internet archive and will follow up with a link to save everyone the trouble, but there is my specific way of fixing this… So it may have been a long road, but I finally hit pay dirt.  Thank you so much all for the help.

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