Conditional update of a record through Web Api

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Hello everyone 🙂 

I have the following situation:

– There are many instances of a service that is updating records in Common data service (Dynamics 365 CE (CRM)) through the Web Api. Lets call the service the Updater.
– The Updater is subscribed to a topic and listening for update messages.
– The messages with data to update have their own IDs, the ID is incrementing number, so message with ID 13 will contain newer data than message with ID 12, for example.
– It may happen that these 2 messages arrive at the same time, and both are handed by different instances of the Updater, and so it is possible that message with older data is handled after one with newer data (the one with ID 12 after the one with ID 13), overriding newer data with older.

I was looking for solution to disallow/block update operation on Common data service’s end when the custom ID field (a number) of the record to update is newer then the one in the update message. Also I’d like to avoid the usage of a plugin/CWA in this case.

Are there any goodies in CDS/Dataverse that would allow us to perform such conditional operation – update the record only in case the ID field in the call is greater then the one in the database?

Any suggestion is welcome! 🙂 

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