Weirdo rebrands Misfits, a community-focused fitness programme for trans+ adults

Weirdo rebrands Misfits, a community-focused fitness programme for trans+ adults

Not A Phase, a London-based charity that supports the lives of trans+ adults across the UK, has enlisted the help of creative agency Weirdo to create an identity for its ongoing project Misfits. Started in 2021, Misfits is a free fitness programme that caters to the trans+ community by providing them with a safe space to “empower those that have been conditioned to shrink”. At the classes, participants can improve their fitness, focus on their wellness, and learn self defence from a qualified group of instructors and trainers. As one of Not A Phase’s most successful initiatives, the charity wanted to create a new identity that reflected its community-focused and progressive ethos.

“’Community, community, community – the more we spoke to people about Misfits, the more we heard that word,” says Ben Sanderson, Junior Creative at Weirdo. “Not A Phase founder Danielle St James (Dani) and trustee Alix Anson-Jones had both said from the off that the Misfits rebrand shouldn’t feel too sporty, as the programme is about so much more than fitness, so we headed to Gymbox in London and spent an evening at one of the sessions to see this for ourselves.” What they found was a group of enthusiastic attendees who explained that, beyond helping them to get into shape, Misfits had transformed their perception of the gym setting. One attendee told Weirdo that Misfits showed them that “gyms are not just a place for cis men”, while another revealed that gyms had previously been “dysphoric settings” – but not anymore.

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