Cannot connect to two different organizations on one class

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Hello everyone, we are having a brand new issue. Until about the 1st of this month we were able to connect to two different CRM online organizations on the same console application where we take certain data from one and do work on the other org. 

When we connect to organization 1, and then we try to connect to organization 2 the CrmServiceClient object stays pointing at organization 1. For example:

private static void test()
CrmServiceClient crmSvc = new CrmServiceClient(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[“CRMCloudProd”].ConnectionString);

Prints our production environment


private static void test2()
CrmServiceClient crmSvc2 = new CrmServiceClient(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[“CRMCloudSandbox”].ConnectionString);

Prints our production environment still 

If we flip it, so that CRMCloudSandbox is the first CRM being pointed to, both functions will print Sandbox environment

Before this month, we were able to make use of both environments in the same class.

My questions is: is this a bug or an intended change? If this is intended; how could I interact between the two environments again? use two different classes?

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