Dice goes purposefully DIY for a “fanmade” rebrand, with a stick-and-poke-inspired logo

Dice goes purposefully DIY for a “fanmade” rebrand, with a stick-and-poke-inspired logo

Relatively hot off the heels of its last rebrand in 2019, music streaming and ticketing platform Dice has just launched another one, again designed in-house. This rebrand pointedly aims to avoid trends – nothing “generative”, “adaptive”, or “corporate” says design lead on the project, Patrick Duffy – and digs deeper into a focal point on the last refresh: repping music fans. Through its new logo, a sketchy diamond-shaped “fan”; colour fields, based on the flow of energy at gigs; and wider assets, including a short film paying homage to going out, the rebrand is built around the idea of bringing the music fan to life. “Once we landed on this articulation, everything else flowed like lager down the slope at Brixton Academy,” Patrick confirms.

Imperfection is at the heart of the work. The logo, which began its life as a sketch on a train journey, has retained the look of just that. Although arriving on this endearingly rough and ready final product required more leg work than the story suggests, the cute diamond with legs was one of hundreds of notebook sketches. Before that, Patrick says: “We’d been exploring all sorts of heady stuff: homo troglodytes, Chauvet Cave, incorporeality, higher states of consciousness, Analord tracks, Phillip K. Dick, DMT, soundwaves… but in the end, we realised that we’d disappeared up our own arses. We just wanted something that represented our audience. something that looked like someone that you’d want to go to a show with, hang out with.” Dice worked with Animade and animator Boy Tillekens to bring the logo to life and produce animations.

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