How to maintain authentic brand values whilst building a business

How to maintain authentic brand values whilst building a business

Movers & Makers, in partnership with Mailchimp & Co, is a new series on how to nurture an authentic business within the creative industry. Led by the voices of industry leaders, we’ll discuss not only how to kickstart your own company, but how to grow with creative integrity. If you enjoy these articles and are looking to grow your agency or freelancing business, learn more about Mailchimp & Co here.

When you’re running a business, there is no map — you have to create your own. As co-founder of multidisciplinary, Brixton-based creative agency, Chiamaka Ojechi illustrates how creative leaders can successfully navigate this task. Here she explains how a strong sense of purpose can help guide the way.

I’m not the kind of person that does five year plans. So much can change in just a year. But we do have a guiding vision at Paq, which is to have autonomy over the stories we tell, whilst supporting our community with integrity.

“Putting aside qualms” were the words that birthed our acronym Paq, an agency formed in 2014 during our final year at Ravensbourne University. Here we learned one of our most important lessons; “collaboration over competition”. This mantra and energy fuelled us post graduation, using evenings and weekends to work on our own projects outside of the daily nine to five routine.

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