DYNAMICS CRM ONLINE +SSRS REPORT returning empty report when adding some fields

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I have created an SSRS report for Invoices in Dynamics 365 Online, It was working fine until I realized I missed one attribute of the linked entity, I added that attribute to fetch XML and tested the XML using, the XRM toolbox Fetch XML tester and it returned the desired value which I was looking for, But as I uploaded the report in CRM it is giving me a blank report which was not the Issue before.

That’s what kind of confuses me, If Fetch XML Tester is returning the value why doesn’t the Report. I would appreciate any kind help and guidance.

<entity name=”invoice” enableprefiltering=”1″>
<attribute name=”invoiceid” />
<attribute name=”shipto_line2″ />
<attribute name=”shipto_city” />
<attribute name=”billto_line2″ />
<attribute name=”sg_referencenumber” />
<attribute name=”shipto_stateorprovince” />
<attribute name=”billto_stateorprovince” />
<attribute name=”shipto_postalcode” />
<attribute name=”billto_city” />
<attribute name=”billto_line1″ />
<attribute name=”billto_line3″ />
<attribute name=”invoicenumber” />
<attribute name=”createdon” />
<attribute name=”billto_postalcode” />
<attribute name=”shipto_line3″ />
<attribute name=”shipto_line1″ />
<attribute name=”msdyn_invoicedate” />
<attribute name=”paymenttermscode” />
<attribute name=”sg_workorder” />
<attribute name=”freightamount” />
<attribute name=”totalamount” />
<attribute name=”totallineitemamount” />
<attribute name=”totaltax” />
<attribute name=”sg_salesperson” />
<attribute name=”billto_telephone” />
<attribute name=”shipto_telephone” />
<attribute name=”datedelivered” />
<attribute name=”description” />
<link-entity name=”invoicedetail” from=”invoiceid” to=”invoiceid” alias=”invoiceproduct”>
<attribute name=”productname” />
<attribute name=”invoiceid” />
<attribute name=”baseamount” />
<attribute name=”description” />
<attribute name=”priceperunit” />
<attribute name=”invoicedetailid” />
<attribute name=”quantity” />
<link-entity name=”businessunit” from=”businessunitid” to=”owningbusinessunit” alias=”owner”>
<attribute name=”address1_line3″ />
<attribute name=”address1_line1″ />
<attribute name=”address1_city” />
<attribute name=”address1_stateorprovince” />
<attribute name=”address1_fax” />
<attribute name=”address1_postalcode” />
<attribute name=”address1_telephone1″ />
<link-entity name=”account” from=”accountid” to=”customerid” alias=”mainacc”>
<attribute name=”name” />
<attribute name=”msdyn_billingaccount” />
<attribute name=”accountid” />
<link-entity name=”account” from=”accountid” to=”sg_billingaccount” alias=”billing”>
<attribute name=”name” />
<attribute name=”accountnumber” />
<attribute name=”accountid” />
<link-entity name=”account” from=”accountid” to=”sg_serviceaccount” alias=”service”>
<attribute name=”name” />
<attribute name=”accountnumber” />
<attribute name=”accountid” />

The attributes in red are added later in the report and that is why I am getting the blank report. I am trying to create an Invoice report and it’s returning me blank when I am trying to add Bill to and ship accounts

Thank you in advance

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