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Pug to Html Converter - Ubercompute.com

Why We convert Pug to HTML ?

Pug is a templating engine for Nodejs which comes with various features including filters, includes, inheritance, interpolation, etc, These features give an advantage of using a pug template over traditional HTML. All we know that browsers only read HTML, CSS, and javascript, So to make the browser understand our view template ( written in pug ), we have to convert it to native HTML markups.

What is Pug ?

Pug is a high performance templating engine for Nodejs influenced by Haml. Its engine compiles array, loops, conditions, mixins, etc used in the template to native HTML. Pug syntax based on white space or indentation sensitive principle. Before the year of 2015, the pug was known to be Jade. It was forced to change its name due to a trademark claim in the year 2015.

What is HTML ?

HTML is a markup language for a document designed to display on the web browser. It stands for HyperText Markup Language for the web page. It is the most basic building block of the webpage i.e. skeleton of the webpage and other technology like CSS and Javascript besides it further adds appearance and functionality to the web page.

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