The Importance of a CRM Communication Plan During Implementation

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Having a CRM Communication Plan is incredibly important, especially during your CRM Implementation Phase.

Consider: How you communicate with Users before, during, and after your CRM implementation is vital to the project’s long-term success.

You must communicate “Up, Down,” and “Out.”

When we say “Up,” this refers to communicating successes, milestones, and benefits of your CRM project to high-level managers or executives.

Communicating “Down” or “Across” means communicating with people who you are working with and who are using the system day-to-day.

You want to be communicating with this type of User early on to identify pain points, debunk misconceptions, and assure them of the benefits of your CRM solution to encourage continuous adoption.

Communicating “Out” simply means communicating with your implementation partner.

Open and consistent communication throughout your CRM implementation keeps your project in scope, which further keeps it on time and in-budget.

Project kickoffs are a great way to start communicating about CRM with your organization and among Users.

To keep Users up to date, you may also consider creating and sending out a CRM project newsletter. This keeps everyone updated on a regular schedule and holds them accountable for their continuing education with CRM.

Meet with Users on a regular schedule as to not fall behind or fall mute on your CRM project’s progress.

Then, when you are finally ready to go live with your CRM system, make it a celebration!

This will reinforce the overall benefit of CRM for your organization. Make things fun. Host a launch party!

Finally, do not stop communicating after your project goes live. You must continue the communication pre, during, and post-implementation.

As we often say at Ledgeview, once you implement CRM, CRM is forever.

There is no end-point, only continuous user adoption, and education.

Your business, team, and CRM system should always be evolving with CRM at the core of your business.

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The Importance of a CRM Communication Plan During Implementation

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