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Hello Baochau,

Hope you are well.

This is not a very common error on imports, but we’ve seen it sometimes on specific users querying the businessprocess table because of some inconsistency on the table or because of the query that is generated is not optimal based on some custom changes.

The SQL script in context should be present under:

C:\Program Files\Dynamics 365\LangPacks\1033\Xrm\sql\9\Scripts , where the language code depends on your context.

When the import action is triggered, we also start standard logs on error mode that will go into the default folder:

C:\Program Files\Dynamics 365\Trace

If you can use findstr function on windows to find in what file that exception is, and then find what is the actual query that is throwing the error.

Please let us know how that investigation goes, and if required, please open a ticket to Support.

Thank you!

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