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To whom it may concern or can help me,

we are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 1612( on premises. 

I am trying to display or hide a quick View Form based on a picklist. So I have a method that given the value will call JS method js_HidequickView or js_ShowquickView.

these method gather the object of the quickForm, and then try to setVisible to false or true respectively. The method setVisible is undefined?!?!?!?! 

As you can see below, I am able to retrieve the object, I am able to getVisible in the Console, but I cannot setVisible. The console recognize there is the set Visible method and suggest me to pass the visible value. 

What am I doing wrong?

Anyone who can help? 

 Using JavaScript to Set Quick View Form Visibility in Dynamics 365 

in the above blog from 2018, it was already suggested that this method doesnt work and to set the quick form into a section and hide the section.

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