It’s happening. Someone has created Spotify, but for fictional artists from film and TV

It’s happening. Someone has created Spotify, but for fictional artists from film and TV

So, naturally, Alex stepped in. Spotifictional is satisfyingly similar to Spotify and easy to navigate, allowing users to actually play music by linking each imaginary artist out to a real YouTube or Spotify page. It also features a form for readers to submit bands that the site is currently missing, a research process Alex says has already begun on Reddit. At first, Alex created a site that leaned closer to a database, with less “overt Spotify design elements”, but after landing poorly on Reddit, the site needed a change of direction.

“The appeal in both Nestflix and Spotifictional is that it gives you the impression of being a real service, with the in-joke of knowing it’s a ‘fake’ band,” Alex explains. “Once I settled on doing less detail and more design, the most important part was ensuring the bands had artwork that resembled a real album or single, that element makes it feel like you’re scrolling through a streaming service rather than looking at a dispassionate list of fictional bands.”

The process of gathering a range of fictional music also made Alex realise how “expertly realised” a lot of fake album covers are, deceiving viewers (this author included) into thinking made-up bands are real. One such example being Inside Llewyn Davis’ album covers. “They pay such attention to detail that you would have no idea they didn’t exist, and as a result, it gives the impression that there’s an entire world of music to discover in that universe that you’ll never hear. But the music you do hear in that is pretty great too.” We can’t wait to revisit some of the hits with Spotifictional, with one request as it gets off the ground: please add The School of Rock back catalogue immediately.

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