Dual Write GAB delay on postal address

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I have an issue about Dual Write GAB I am hoping someone can help me with:


When syncing postal addresses from CRM to F&O it takes several hours before the address is visible in the F&O Customer / Address form. I can see that the correct record is created instantly in the PartyPostalAddressHistoryV2 table in F&O, but it seems that the corresponding record for PartyPostalAddressV2 is missing, and that this is the one that takes several hours to create.

What I know / have tried:

  1. Syncing from F&O to CRM works fine
  2. Syncing Accounts works fine both ways
  3. Latest version of Dual Write Orchestration solution is installed
  4. I have refreshed table mappings in Dual Write
  5. I have stopped each individual table mapping and started again (no initial sync, though)
  6. When trying to update the address record in CRM I get this error: Unable to write to Finance and Operations apps due to following error(s): {“Write failed for entity CDS postal address history V2 with unknown exception – Cannot locate data source record of type LogisticsPostalAddress with RecId xxxxxxxxxx. Entity name: LogisticsPostalAddressBaseEntity, RecId: xxxxxxxxxx

Anyone who knows what might be wrong here?

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