How can I get the previous value of a row change inside my cloud flow?

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What I have so far:

I created a flow with the trigger: “When a row is added, modified or deleted” that triggers when there is a change in “ownerid” in the opportunity (this triggers when a user changes the Owner field in the crm). This trigger works fine but I need to know the previous value before the owner change.

Right now, by the time this flow is triggered, the ownerid is already changed in dataverse and I don’t have the previous ownerid anymore. And I need this previous value because I would like to send an email to both the previous and the new owner to inform them of the change.

In general, is there a way to get a previous value pre-change in the flow so that I have access to both the old and new values and work with them?

I searched online and saw an old post about writing a plugin – which seemed too complicated for a simple ask, there was another post suggesting to use the “‘Get item or file properties changes’ action” but that action is a Sharepoint action and I’m not sure if that is relevant/useable for my case.

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