Creating custom form from scratch – canvas, model drive, or something else?

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We’re moving online from 8.2 to whatever the latest is online, 9.2 I think… we currently have a custom web application we integrate into our CRM environment as a custom search, it’s VERY involved as it calls a web service and brings back a result which populates a grid for the users to select from.  Moving online I’m trying to determine if it would be better to keep this as an independent web application iframed in or if rewriting as a model driven or canvas all would work.  Neither model driven or canvas apps appear to have much flexibility, but am I wrong?  model driven apps seem to be tied to the data, but this custom web application we have pulls data from many unrelated entities with options not coming directly from D365 … for this I don’t think model driven would work.  And for Canvas it just doesn’t seem flexible enough.  Our current app is VERY involved with some rather intense C# to create what we want.  

So with this is using a web resource or a web app iframed in still the best option?  Or is there some way to leverage canvas or maybe even PCF controls to do this?  I’m still very new to all this, so I’m still learning how everything ties together.

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