Error when trying to switch CrmServiceClient from the Office365 AuthType to OAuth AuthType

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So Im following this article to try and get our authentication switched over from Office365 to OAuth authentication because the Office365 auth type is deprecated:

I have been trying various different connection strings for days now and i cant get this error to stop being thrown: “Unable to Login to Dynamics CRMOrganizationWebProxyClient is null”

This error isnt really helpful at all and i don’t understand whats wrong. Here is my connection string:

AuthType=OAuth; Url=; Username=XXXXXXXXXXX; Password=XXXXXXXXXXX; AppId=51f81489-12ee-4a9e-aaae-a2591f45987d; RedirectUri=app://58145B91-0C36-4500-8554-080854F2AC97; LoginPrompt=Never

And Here is how I’m using it in my C# application:

            System.Net.ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = System.Net.SecurityProtocolType.Tls12;

            string crmConn = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[“CRMConnection”].ConnectionString;

            var service = new CrmServiceClient(crmConn);
            return service;

But “service” always returns the above error. What am i doing wrong? How can i find a more useful error?

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