Announcing the launch of Doctolib’s public Bug Bounty Program

Announcing the launch of Doctolib’s public Bug Bounty Program

We are excited to launch our public Bug Bounty Program in partnership with YesWeHack.

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After years of invitation-only activity, we are eager to broaden our call to the global community of bug bounty hunters and security researchers.

Crowdsourced security program is one of our backbone projects

We believe that maintaining a visible crowdsourced security program help us to build a sound cybersecurity posture.

We offer higher rewards and exclusive challenges

As a matter of fact, we care to offer higher rewards and exclusive challenges to our community such as bounty rewards up to 20,000 EUR for critical issues, exclusive in-scope features and hardware devices, invitation to live hacking events in France, dedicated communication channels and many more surprises.

A call for talented and creative bug bounty hunters

This decade will be marked by the growing importance of healthcare software and health data hosting. Therefore, we rely on a talented and creative workforce to report security weaknesses and vulnerabilities in our applications.

These efforts benefit the product and engineering teams to deliver secure products. All of the findings serve to push our secure development workflow to be more resilient, scalable and consistent over security reviews, hardening and detection.

We are engaged to offer the best triage experience

On our side, Doctolib’s application cybersecurity team is engaged to warmly welcome any security researcher within a safe harbor policy and offer the best triage experience in terms of response time, respect and expectation.

To know more about our bug bounty program, please visit:

You can also reach us at [email protected].

Thank you.

Doctolib’s Cybersecurity team

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