Sending email from within CRM – Subject line Tampering

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We are playing around with integrating Dynamics more into our work day.  We do not sell products but we do have a service, and work heavily with email.  We feel it slightly redundant having Outlook and Dynamics both have emailing features, and so I’ve begun to explore using D365 as the default client (Outlook issues: Contacts/recipients aren’t auto-logged into CRM, Sent email doesn’t track, etc.).  Using D365 as an email client isn’t an amazing option either, without an inbox or a notification of any kind to show received emails.  It makes me question why Outlook isn’t the CRM in the first place – somebody coded emailing, scheduling, note taking, etc. twice?

Regardless, I noticed that Dynamics adds a very un-appealing “CRM:0362001” or some other such tag to the end of every email’s subject line.  I have to assume group/mass-market emails would also receive such treatment, which is one of the features I intended to explore with this in the first place.  This tag needs to go, but I don’t see a setting tied to it anywhere – can somebody provide some direction?

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