Unified Service Desk app not loading updated custom assembly

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Hi everyone

We are using USD 2.2 with CRM 2016 SP1 on-premise. We have a custom assembly which we deploy to USD using it’s Customization File feature.

We have a situation in our staging environment (with multiple CRM backend, front-end servers and USD application being served to users from Citrix servers) whereby if a user logs in for the second time, USD is not able to load our custom assembly from the user’s appdata profile (\[user name]\appdata\local\microsoft\usd) and comes up with a FileNotFound exception. When the user logs in for the first time or after the user cache has been cleared, USD app works fine, but not on subsequent logins.

I believe the issue has nothing to do with USD because I tried deleting/disabling caching on the browser, the USD app (USD->User Settings) and USD user account (USD->Options) to no avail.. Also, the problem does not occur in our dev or QA environments which have a single server configuration.

I am wondering if others have had this or similar issue with USD using user profile management with Citrix or other similar software.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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