MS CRM Certification / Exams for PreSales and Application

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This blog article is basically for the people who want to learn Microsoft Dynamics CRM and want to know the certification details, including how to prepare for exams, what are the various certifications available, and how you can use them in your career. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a highly customizable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software developed by Microsoft. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers businesses a complete solution to manage their relationships with their customers. It can easily be integrated with other products offered by Microsoft like Outlook, SharePoint, Office 365 and Bing Maps, etc. The four main components of MS Dynamics CRM are Marketing, Sales, Service, and Social Listening. The Marketing module allows businesses to create marketing campaigns from start to finish. The Sales module helps organizations to manage their sales pipeline effectively. The Service module provides businesses a platform where they can track customer service issues and complaints. Social Listening allows organizations to monitor social media feeds and respond appropriately. I was required to read some free papers at website before writing my papers on this topic because I require to gain proper knowledge to complete my research paper.

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