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I have an SSRS report that needs rebuilt.  Simply put, I only have the .rdl exported out of Dynamics CRM because I don’t have access to the previous developers SSRS project folders.  This is a Report with 2 subreports.  With that said, I have created a new SSRS project solution and added the previous devs .rdl as a report.  I then am creating a dataset for the sub reports.  When I created it, Its pulling from a dataset that I have not specified and am quite sure it has to do with the previous devs .rdl.

The following is the dataset I have created via FetchXml:

<fetch version=”1.0″ output-format=”xml-platform” mapping=”logical” distinct=”false”>
<entity name=”new_license”>
<attribute name=”new_licenseno” />
<attribute name=”createdon” />
<attribute name=”new_totalsupport” />
<attribute name=”new_timesunlocked” />
<attribute name=”new_supporttype” />
<attribute name=”new_supportproduct” />
<attribute name=”new_supportprice” />
<attribute name=”new_quoteid” />
<attribute name=”new_qty” />
<attribute name=”new_orderdate” />
<attribute name=”new_maexpiration” />
<attribute name=”new_maid” />
<attribute name=”new_lastunlockcode” />
<attribute name=”new_lastunlockdate” />
<attribute name=”new_existingproduct” />
<attribute name=”new_endusercountryid” />
<attribute name=”new_endusercontactid” />
<attribute name=”new_endusercompanyid” />
<attribute name=”new_systemlocation” />
<attribute name=”new_customersn” />
<attribute name=”new_softwareid” />
<attribute name=”new_licenseid” />
<attribute name=”new_extendedprice” />
<order attribute=”new_licenseno” descending=”false” />
<filter type=”and”>
<condition attribute=”statecode” operator=”eq” value=”0″ />
<link-entity name=”new_maintenancecontract” from=”new_maintenancecontractid” to=”new_maid” link-type=”inner” alias=”a_2cd1329f37dee61180fb5065f38afa01″>
<attribute name=”new_serialnumber” />
<attribute name=”new_contractid” />
<attribute name=”new_totalsupportprice” />
<attribute name=”new_totaltax” />
<attribute name=”new_totalamount” />
<attribute name=”new_freightamount” />
<filter type=”and”>
<condition attribute=”new_contractid” operator=”eq” value=”DF02C606″ />
<link-entity name=”product” from=”productid” to=”new_existingproduct” visible=”true” link-type=”outer” alias=”a_4d1b83b4192be71180fbe0071b66cfa1″>
<attribute name=”name” />
<attribute name=”description” />
<attribute name=”new_supportprice” />
<attribute name=”new_supportproduct” />

I have refreshed the fields and all the fields are returning, however, when I try and pull this data from the set in a table, there is no option for this newly created dataset as seen below:

It seems that the only available dataset is the old data set from the previous dev and isn’t even available in my solution which is baffling me.

How may I make my newly created dataset available?


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