Remote Ruby | Heroku Incident, SIM Swapping, and security tools

Remote Ruby | Rails' new Request.js library, Ruby Radar, and CSS for Email

Welcome to Remote Ruby and thanks for joining us! First, let us preface that whatever you hear in this episode, Andrew did NOT steal an iPad! Also, Andrew is rallying the valley with his Suns jersey and Jason is triggered by this since he’s a Grizzlies fan, as well as Chris, and there was talk about minting some Remote Ruby NFTs. Some other things the guys talk about is the incident that happened with Heroku and GitHub, SIM swapping, iPad stealing, and some really great security tools you should be using to monitor your code base and protect yourself. And the guys do some shout-outs to people that left reviews on their podcast and they talk about RailsConf 2022 coming up. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more!

Show Notes

[00:00:41] The guys banter about Suns vs Grizzlies, some Tweets between Jason and Andrew, and the Footprint Center. 

[00:06:00] Jason and Andrew were brainstorming topics for this podcast and there was talk about minting the first episode of Remote Ruby and sell it as an NFT.

[00:07:19] Andrew explains the little oopsie that happened with Heroku and GitHub over the weekend.

[00:13:19] Andrew tells us about SIM swapping and what’s been happening at T-Mobile stores.

[00:23:57] We hear about Podia using Brakeman, the staggering results of a Rails survey about security tools being used to monitor your code base, and the importance of adding at least the bare minimum of security tools. Also, the guys mention some great tools to use.

[00:29:26] The guys do some shout-outs to people that left reviews on a previous podcast. 

[00:31:25] With RailsConf 2022 coming up in May, the guys talk about doing a live 4K podcast recording, as well as a talk that Jason is creating for them.

[00:33:53] Jason asks the guys, is it better for an empty form field to create an empty string in a database or a nil value? 

[00:44:03] Chris tells us about a video Collin is doing on assert difference in mini test.


[00:45:37] Jason talks about pattern matching and why Elixir was a quick sell to him.

[00:48:15] Jason announces a surprise he has for the guys and it has to do with NFTs.


Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason



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