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I have a table called Agreement Type. This table is connected to an Account and one Account may have MANY Agreement Types.

I have another table called Agreement Details. This table is connected to the Account as well. The Account may have many Agreement Details. Within the Agreement details, I want a subgrid to select the specific Agreement Types with the Account. But I may not want all. 


Account A

Agreement Types = Type A and Type B

Agreement Details for Account A to have a subgrid to Agreement Types. I want to be able to have the subgrid filter on the Agreement Types already set up (Type A and Type B) and then the ability to only select Type A.

This indicates that the Account is eligible for Both Agreement Types, but for the specific Agreement Details, only Type B is applicable. I want the advanced lookup to not populate Type C etc. because only Type A and B are set for the Account. 

How do I achieve this? If you could also help explain the relationship types I need between these tables, that would be great. 

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