New zine: How DNS Works!

New zine: How DNS Works!

Originally appeared on Julia Evans.

Hello! On Thursday we released a new zine about one of my favourite computer systems: DNS!

You can get it for $12 here:, or get
an 11-pack of all my zines here.

Here’s the cover and table of contents:

why DNS?

I wanted to write about DNS for three reasons:

  1. DNS is everywhere! You basically can’t use the internet without using
    DNS — nobody is going to memorize all the IP addresses for every domain they
    use. You need to look them up with DNS!
  2. DNS has a really cool decentralized design! I love that it gives you
    control of your own little corner of the internet (it just costs ~$12/year to
    own a domain!), I love that the basic design is relatively…

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