What happened to the alphabet bar?! How to add the jump bar back after 2022 Wave 1

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If you’ve logged into Dynamics/Power Apps today, you might have noticed that… things look a little different.

Since the 2022 release wave 1 update, the Power Apps read-only grid control is now the default grid for read-only scenarios, which applies to both grids in view pages and subgrids within forms. While we do get the nifty infinite scroll, sleek spacing, resizable/reorderable columns, and improved accessibility.. the alphabet jump bar is gone. To get the jump bar back, you will need to revert back to the previous grid experience.

To bring this back..

At the table level:

1. Navigate to Settings > Customizations > Customize my system

2. Navigate to your respective table (such as Accounts) > Controls

3. Add Control Power Apps Read-Only Grid

4. Modify the Jump bar to Enable

5. Save and Publish

At the environment level: This should be a last resort! 

Though you are able to get the alphabet bar back right now, at the environment level, when the legacy grid becomes deprecated, this ability will eventually go away.

1. Navigate to the Power Platform Admin Center > Environment > Settings > ProductFeatures

2. Turn off the Enable the modern read-only grid experience option in the Grids and views section. 

Skylar Shonblom

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