Bug in model-driven app views with URLs since last update?

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Just this week started noticing an apparent bug in model-driven app views that have URLs without https:// prefix.

Tried to find where to report in GitHub but didn’t see an appropriate place, so thought I’d start here.


–Dataverse table with URL field

    * some records have https:// preceding the link text, some do not

–Model-driven app view that surfaces the URL field


–Expected: click on the link and navigate to URL destination

–Actual: when click on link without https:// prefix, the system is prepending https:// <organization name> . crm . dynamics . com/ followed by the link text, which leads to an error

View showing some with prefix, some without:

When hovering over the link without the prefix, the tooltip at the cursor displays the correct link text (as it appears in the record itself)

However, the text that appears at the bottom of the screen (showing where it will actually navigate) shows the wrong destination link (with prepended org[.]crm[.]dynamics[.]com)

When clicked, it results in an error:

Notes & observations:

–When a link without the https:// prefix is manually entered into the field, the system automatically adds it and the above behavior is not observed

–When the field is automatically populated (e.g. Power Automate flow or Canvas App) without the prefix, the system does not populate it and the error behavior above results

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