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The accepted answer worked great for me. However in order to get the email body (description) to populate from the template on page load, I had to pass an empty string (with a space) as the description parameter. Here is my final solution:

       //Set template lookup parameter to pass to email

       var template = {

           id: {email template id},

           name: {email template name},

           entityType: “template”


       //Set regardingobjectid lookup

       var regardingLookup = {

           id: formContext.data.entity.getId().replace(/[{}]/g, ”),

           name: formContext.data.entity.getPrimaryAttributeValue(),

           entityType: “incident”


       var parameters = {

           formId: emailFormId,

           regardingobjectid: regardingLookup,

           templateid: template,

           description: ” ” // Here is where I had to add an empty description (must have space character)


       var entityFormOptions = {};

       entityFormOptions[“entityName”] = “email”;

       Xrm.Navigation.openForm(entityFormOptions, parameters);

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