YouTube Expands its ‘Pre-Publish Checks’ Tool to the Mobile App


After first launching it on desktop last March, YouTube is now bringing its pre-publish checks tool to the mobile app as well, which will make it easier for those uploading their content on the go to ensure that it’s fully eligible for monetization before they post.

YouTube Pre-Publish Checks

As you can see in this example, (on desktop), YouTube’s pre-publish Checks tool analyzes the content of your upload for a range of potential violations, including copyright concerns and ad suitability, before you publish your clip.

That helps creators avoid any disappointment after the fact, and can be great for maintaining awareness of potential copystrikes and related issues, which can not only reduce your money-making capacity, but can also see your channel hit with penalties.

Though there are some differences in the mobile version of the process.

As explained by YouTube:

“Copyright claims will only run once the video has been uploaded and processed on the YouTube main app, and monetization checks will only run once the video has been enabled for monetization on the Studio mobile app.”

So, essentially, the checks can take a little longer via mobile – though YouTube has also added a new notification process to help.

“If a creator uploads a video and sets it to ‘Public’, they’ll get a notification to consider waiting till the checks are finished. Creators will also be able to switch on notifications to let them know when checks have been completed, so they can then action the clip.”

Pre-publish checks are not available for Shorts (because they’re too short), and will only be available for those in the YouTube Partner Program.

It’s a handy tool, and creators have found huge value in the alerts in the desktop app. And now, they’ll be able to get the same info via mobile, helping to streamline the creation and upload process.

YouTube says that pre-publish checks will be rolling out to mobile users ‘over the next couple of weeks’.

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