Click Dimension Solution Uninstall Issue: (ClickDimensions Lock Email Blocks)’ is required by the ‘System’ solution.

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Below is our CRM version:

There are no dependency as given below:

But still while deleting Click Dimension solution we are getting below error:

Crm Exception: Message: This solution cannot be uninstalled because the ‘Role’ with id ’93c236ab-2352-e411-9401-00155d516cff(ClickDimensions Lock Email Blocks)’  is required by the ‘System’ solution. Uninstall the System solution and try again., ErrorCode: -2147160032

I have deleted the role ClickDimensions Lock Email Blocks from system but still I can see role entry in RoleBase table with ComponentState = 2 (Deleted).

Please let me know if anyone has face such issue or any work around to resolve this issue. 

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