Newly created Entity in plugin does not exist

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I have developed a plugin for Opportunity entity. Plugin registered with Sync execution, not in sandbox and executed post-operation.

Plugin create custom entity in loop (typicaly 2-3 entities)

Guid newGuid = Guid.Empty;

for (var i = 0; i < n; i++) {
  new_inboxreplication inbox = new new_inboxreplication();
  inbox.new_messagerecid = inboxMessage.fileId;
  newGuid = service.Create(inbox);
  outLog.AppendLine("Created inbox guid: " + newGuid.ToString());

In outLog variable i see message about returned guid from Create operation

Created inbox guid: 66548a73-53c7-ec11-917c-00155d58d690

But next step is load this entity from another place, CRM throw exception new_inboxreplication With Id = 66548a73-53c7-ec11-917c-00155d58d690 

Same exception is when i make request via REST Builder, looked like entity does not created…

Why this can happen?

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