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Remote Ruby | Rails' new Request.js library, Ruby Radar, and CSS for Email

What’s up with the guys this week? Andrew’s team lost, Jason’s team won, and Chris tells us about some cool stuff he worked on with shipping a Command Pallet in Jumpstart and using Ninja Keys. Some other things the guys chat about today are Shoelace, CSS Toggles, building a product, Jason’s book, Software Testing, Apache Cordova, Stripe stuff, Payment Element, Power Rangers, and Jason’s minivan that has Wi-Fi. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more!

Show Notes

[00:03:34] Chris tells us about Command Pallet, Ninja Keys, and Lit element.

[00:09:25] Andrew asks the guys if they’ve looked at Shoelace style, he talks about using Bridgetown Quick Search plugin and Chris and Andrew talk about using CSS variables.

[00:12:05] Andrew educates the guys on CSS Toggles since an unofficial draft is out.

[00:19:52] We hear more from Chris about the Command Pallet stuff he put into a Jumpstart and what it’s like to implement it, and how he found the Ninja Keys library.

[00:24:51] Jason announces his book, Software testing, that you can read.

[00:26:42] Andrew brings up how it would be fun to talk about how someone could start to plan a product since he’s never built a product from start to finish. We hear his new product idea and Chris shares some advice.

[00:40:10] Jason tells us why he liked one of his previous jobs so much and Andrew wants to live in Jason’s minivan because it has Wi-Fi. 

[00:42:43] Going back to Jason talking about staying in touch with users, Chris asks Jason if Podia still does support rotations as developers. Jason talks about the retreat they just went on and does a shout-out to Courtney, one of their support people.


[00:44:24] Back to Andrew’s billion-dollar product journey to get the most value out of it and be most helpful, he thinks there has to be some form of iOS version, and wonders if he should dabble in Swift or upgrade his Jumpstart Pro to get the IOS stuff.

[00:48:01] Jason explains Apache Cordova to Andrew. Chris has been deep in the woods on re-factoring the Stripe checkout stuff for Jumpstart and he explains his frustrations. Jason tells us about the new Payment Element they’ve been exploring at Podia.

[00:57:12] Jason announces Stripe does crypto payouts as of today, and Chris explains why he likes using the Payment Element.


Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason



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