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Hi there all.
I have got a problem.
In my dev environment I had a status reason in lead entity, that does not exist any more, but it exists in production environment.
Now I have some customization on lead entity status reason and I need that one( in dev environment) , but it does not exist !( as I said)
Note that I do not want to make unmanaged changes on my product environment. 
I decided to create a new status reason in the lead entity and change the value of that to the existing one in product environment via sql query.
I can update stringmapbase and statusmapbase table in which the newly added status reason record is, but it does not effect.
In the solution it display the old value.Also when I create new lead record and change the status reason to the new one, it display the old value in the db.
I know that is unsupported and also maybe the most worst solution, But I do not have any other way, Do I?
If yes please give me some advise.
If no please tell me how can I change status reason value in a entity like lead.


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